Established in 2020, Of Note is a home-fragrance brand based in NSW, Australia. Inspired by the small things – and big moments – in life, each product is handmade and meticulously crafted. Layers of sublime notes, curated to stir the soul and enrich every moment.

We use only locally sourced materials and select ingredients – infused with the creator’s heart and soul – to create the finest fragrances in our candles and room sprays. Harnessing the power of scent to traverse place and time; evoking memories and emotions. 

Angel Pun – Founder & Creator

Founded by Angel Pun, Of Note brings to light her combined love – and expertise – of style and scent.

Born and raised in British Hong Kong, the east-meets-west environment opened her eyes to cross-cultural creativity early on. From food to fashion; street art to architecture; she developed a strong aesthetic from a young age; paving the way for a career in fashion as an editor, stylist, and into marketing for Marc Jacobs, Hong Kong.

In 2008, Angel moved to Sydney. After graduating from the University of Sydney, she entered the world of branding, and never looked back. Shifting her focus from fashion to interiors/homewares fuelled her passion for her own brand, and in 2020, Of Note was born. A creation that allows her to apply her own high-end branding sensibilities, explore her olfactory palate, and infuse any space with beautifully evocative scents.