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Our Essential Collection offers a range of distinct notes: floral, fruity, earthy, woody and oriental. Each carefully layered scent captures the essence of a certain mood; every note carefully curated to take your mind elsewhere and transcend the moment.


As time goes by, we’ll introduce more sublime blends and scents to the range. For now, we invite you to explore these beautiful core notes – the finest of the essential scents.

Forever Summer Candle $55

Ocean, Bamboo, Woodfire, Cedarwood

Magic Hour Candle $55

Fresh Fig, Vetiver, Wild Meadow

Tuscan Embrace Candle $55

Tomato leaf, Citrus, Rosemary

Soulful Balance Candle $55

Oud, Saffron, Smoke, Sandalwood

Floral Rhapsody Candle $55

Gardenia, Lychee Peony, Wild Truffle

Verdant Delight Candle $55

Berry, Woodsmoke, Oakmoss

French Countryside Interior Spray $32

French Pear, Orange Blossom, Bergamot

Pine Forest Interior Spray $32

Fresh Pine, Fir Needle

The Fresh Bouquets Set $105

Floral Rhapsody candle + Rose Garden room spray

The Breathe Deep Set $105

Soulful Balance candle + Pine Forest room spray

The Faraway Reveries Set $105

Tuscan Embrace candle + French Countryside room spray

Floral Rhapsody Candle - Valentine's Day Special Edition $55

Gardenia, Lychee Peony, Wild Truffle, Tuberose

Candle Tools $45

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Collective Artistry

Working in collaboration with artists and creators, Of Note’s olfactory expressions take the experience to the next level. Unique scentdesigned to capture the moment or moodto transcend place or time. The power of scent as art form in itself.

Heterotopia $70

Ocean, Bamboo, Woodfire, Cedarwood

Nonna's Garden $75

Fig, Tomato leaf, Vetiver, Lemon